Weapons Officer
Key information
Status Alive
Profession US Naval Officer
Titles Weapons Officer
Allegiance USS Colorado
Relationships Marcus Chaplin - Commanding Officer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Robert Egbert
Season 1
Episode "Captain"
The USS Colorado Weapons Officer is an unnamed character.


The crew dance to "La Bamba" to celebrate crossing the equator but their revels are cut short by an incoming fire order. Captain Marcus Chaplin authenticates the order but is dubious of it's origin; rather than coming from Washington it was sent via Antartica, a route that is only supposed to be used if Washington is compromised. Chaplin radios the weapons officer to spin-up the required warheads. As they prepare to fire, Executive Officer Sam Kendal suggests that they check the situation and they are surprised to find American television broadcasting as normal. Chaplin radios Washington for confirmation of the order.

Chaplin gets a response from Deputy Secretary of Defense William Curry; he is relieved of his command and Kendal is told to proceed. When Kendal also asks for confirmation the USS Illinos fires on the Colorado. The sub is able to dive before impact but still sustains damage and crashes onto the ocean floor.

Chaplin resumes command and directs the ailing sub to the island of Sainte Marina. The US send bombers to destroy the sub. Chaplin again calls on the weapons officer to prepare a warhead for launch. Chaplin threatens to fire the warhead on the US if the bombers do not turn back. The bombers continue beyond the threshold he set and he backs his threat, firing the missile. The bombers turn back but Chaplin refuses to disarm the warhead. The crew are aghast until Chaplin reveals that he set the missile to detonate 200 miles east of Washington.[1]




Behind the scenesEdit

Weapons Officer is an unnamed, unseen, minor character in the first season. He is played by co-star Robert Egbert and only appears in "Captain".


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