Sad news today, EW announced that ABC has decided not to order additional episodes of Last Resort; the show will end when it completes the original thirteen episode order. The network still has the option to revive the show for the 2013 to 2014 season should their mid-season replacements and their development season both under perform (a very long shot). I am sorry to see the show end but hope it manages to wrap up some story threads in its remaining episodes.

These decisions are never immutable and as a fan of the show the best thing you can do is watch the remaining episodes live while encouraging others to do the same. If there is an uptick in the viewers then the network may reconsider their decision. It is heartening to note that Nashville was renewed by the network with not much larger viewing figures so tipping the balance is not outside of the realm of possibility. Sister show 666 Park Avenue was also canceled (with lower viewing figures) on Sunday night.

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