Last Resort fans, only two more weeks until the premiere!! Yahoo! TV is airing the pilot episode before the premiere, but, for those of you who are planning on saving your Last Resort eyes for the TV premiere, what do you think is going to happen??


  • Hopefully we'll find out more about this mysterious order to fire on Pakistan (and learn that it was fake).
  • Even though Marcus Chaplin is relieved of his duties, he'll probably still take charge even though Sam Kendal is technically the new commanding officer.
  • From the trailer, it seems like the U.S. is going to use USS Colorado's refusal for their own benefit, so we will be seeing a lot of what goes on in the White House as people scramble to figure things out!
  • Seems like there will be conflict between the crew and the islanders. Gut feeling says that there will be a lot of fighting and possible underhandedness!

Season Questions

  • The men and women of the Colorado end up "on an exotic island where they will find refuge, romance and a chance at a new life," but what about clearing their names and getting home (Sam has a wife, Christine Kendal)?!
  • Speaking of romance, what kind of relationships will come up? Ones between crew members or maybe even some romance with the people originally living on the island?
  • Again, the trailer was pretty intense, but it also makes us wonder if Marcus Chaplin is going to end up going crazy!! With nuclear missiles under his control, what will he do??


Last Resort Trailer - ABC Network02:52

Last Resort Trailer - ABC Network



Are you excited to see the season premiere of Last Resort?

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For those who watched the pilot online, what did you think of the first episode?

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