The USS Colorado (SSBN-753) is an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine. The Colorado has 150 crew members.

Colorado was on patrol south of the equator when it was ordered to use its missiles against Pakistan. Captain Marcus Chaplin refused the order and was relieved of his command. Lieutenant Commander Sam Kendal was designated as captain; he also refused the command to launch missiles. Colorado was fired on by USS Illinois and 12 crew members were killed.

General characteristics
Type: SSBN
16,499 long tons surfaced
18,450 long tons submerged
Length: 560 ft
Beam: 42 ft
Draft: 38 ft
1× S8G PWR nuclear reactor
2× geared turbines
1× 325 hp auxiliary motor
1 shaft with seven-bladed screw, 60,000 shp
Speed: 25+ knots (12 knots surfaced)
Range: Limited only by food supplies
Test depth: +1,300 ft (Colorado only; +800 ft for standard Ohio class subs)
15 officers (2 female)
140 enlisted (9 female)
Sensors and processing systems:
BQQ-6 passive bow-mounted array
BQS-13 fire control array
BQR-19 navigation
BQR-23 towed array
BQR-25 conformal array
4 × 21 in Mark 48 torpedo tubes (unknown torpedo quantity)
24² × Trident II D5 SLBM with up to 12 MIRVed W76 or W88 nuclear warheads each, range 7,500 mi
Special Equipment:
Perseus Stealth Device

¹Captain Marcus describes his crew as "150". It is not known whether his crew is short 5, or he is rounding.

²Colorado deployed with only 18 missiles, leaving 6 silos empty


Of the 150 strong crew 11 are female, and two female crew members are officers.

  1. Marcus Chaplin - Captain of the boat
  2. Lieutenant Commander Sam Kendal - Executive Officer
  3. Lieutenant Grace Shepard
  4. Lieutenant Chris Cahill - Communications Officer
  5. Weapons Officer
  6. Master Chief Joseph Prosser - Chief of the boat
  7. Cameron Pitts - Sonar operator
  8. Petty Officer Josh Brannan
  9. Petty Officer Michael Redman (deceased)
  10. Seaman Pilar Cortez
  11. Seaman Stern (deceased)
  12. Seaman Lawrence
  13. Seaman Jones
  14. Seaman Reynolds
  15. Seaman Henry
  16. Marine Unger


The real submarine USS Colorado (SSN-788) has not yet been built and will be a Virginia-class boat rather than an Ohio-class boat. The real boat numbered SSN-753 is USS Albany, a Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine.

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