Tani Tumrenjak
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Key information
Status Alive
Profession Bar owner
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Dichen Lachman
Season 1
First episode "Captain"
Last episode "Controlled Flight Into Terrain"
Appearances 10 episodes (see below)

Tani Tumrenjak (Dichen Lachman) is a resident of Sainte Marina Island. She owns a bar in the small village on the island.


Season 1Edit


Tani is working in her bar on Sainte Marina when she spots Mayor Julian Serrat headed out to the NATO monitoring station. She is not happy to see him in town.

The island is stormed by the crew of renegade American submarine USS Colorado. Tani directs a Navy SEAL team to the hospital. One of the SEALs, James King, pays Tani to allow him to store the body of his dead teammate Gil Langston in her walk in fridge and then starts to drink heavily in her bar. Mayor Serrat approaches King about the sudden invasion but King intimidates him into leaving. Later, a news report airs about a nuclear strike against Pakistan and King enigmatically laments his role in precipitating the strike. Tani comforts him as he breaks down in tears.[1]

Blue on BlueEdit

A passenger aircraft breaches the to drop a special forces team near the island. Sam Kendal and Grace Shepard visits James King at Tani's bar to ask for his help in the coming fight. He refuses to take their side. Tani tells King that the islanders have a custom of choosing a peacemaker at times of war and marking them with paint. She then anoints him as a peacemaker, sending him to help.

The fight goes badly but the Colorado crew are saved by timely sniper fire from King. They lose five people but are able to capture two of the attackers. When he returns he tells Tani that he did not make peace, but ran out of people to kill. Grace visits the bar and King says that he does not want her thanks, instead she gives him a list of the names of the dead crew members.




Behind the scenesEdit

Tani Tumrenjak is a major character in the first season of Last Resort. She is played by starring cast member Dichen Lachman and debuts in "Captain".


Season One Appearances
"Captain" "Blue on Blue" "Eight Bells" "Voluntold" "Skeleton Crew"
"Another Fine Navy Day" "Nuke It Out" "Big Chicken Dinner" "Cinderella Liberty" "Blue Water"
"Damn the Torpedoes" "The Pointy End of the Spear" "Controlled Flight Into Terrain"


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