Michael Redman
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Key information
Status Deceased
Profession Naval officer
Ranks Seaman
Allegiance US Navy (former)
Relationships Marcus Chaplin - Commanding Officer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Chad Michael Collins
Season 1
First episode "Captain"
Last episode "Eight Bells"
Appearances 3 episodes (see below)

Seaman Michael "Red" Redman was a naval enlisted man serving on board the USS Colorado. He was part of the team that captured St. Marina and was part of the team that engaged the Russian Spetznaz. He was later captured by Serrat, along with Cortez and Brannan, and killed when Captain Chaplin arrived late with Serrat's delivery. His death had a major impact on the crew, especially XO Kendal, and nearly prompted them to attack Serrat. His body was later discovered on the beach by a search party and was buried. Seaman Brannan felt guilty for Redmans' death and attempted to take over the ship. He was played by Chad Michael Collins.


  • His rank was confirmed after his body was found, as a member of the search party said "It's Seaman Redman, sir."
  • Though a minor character, his death has a major impact on the story line of the series.