Josh Brannan
Josh Brannan
Key information
Status Deceased
Profession U.S. Navy Sailor
Ranks Petty Officer
Allegiance USS Colorado
Relationships Marcus Chaplin - Commanding officer
Sam Kendal - Executive Officer
Seaman Jones - crew mate
Seaman Pilar Cortez - crew mate
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Will Rothhaar
Season 1
First episode "Captain"
Last episode "Controlled Flight Into Terrain"
Appearances 7 episodes (see below)
Josh Brannan is a Petty Officer on the USS Colorado.


Brannan is a hip-hop fan and annoys his bunk mate Seaman Jones by constantly trying to convert him to the music.

The crew find themselves declared enemies of the United States and on the run when they ask for confirmation of an order to fire nuclear weapons on Pakistan that comes from an unusual channel. They take refuge on the island Sainte Marina to regroup. Brannan and Seaman Pilar Cortez are kidnapped by Mayor Julian Serrat after disembarking.[1]




Behind the scenesEdit

Josh Brannan is a minor character in the first season. He is played by guest star Will Rothhaar.


Season One Appearances
"Captain" "Blue on Blue" "Eight Bells" "Voluntold" "Skeleton Crew"
"Another Fine Navy Day" "Nuke It Out" "Big Chicken Dinner" "Cinderella Liberty" "Blue Water"
"Damn the Torpedoes" "The Pointy End of the Spear" "Controlled Flight Into Terrain"


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