Jenny Cooper
Jenny Cooper
Personal details
Birth place Canada
Years active 1988 to present
IMDb Jenny Cooper
Last Resort
Character Carol Terman
Season 1
Episode "Blue on Blue"
Jenny Cooper is a Canadian actress. She plays Carol Terman in Last Resort. She guest stars in the first season episode "Blue on Blue". She has been active since 1988 and has also appeared in the films Feast of All Saints (2001), The Recruit (2003), Godsend (2004), and Baby Blues (2008) and the series 24.


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Season One Credits
"Captain" "Blue on Blue" "Eight Bells" "Voluntold" "Skeleton Crew"
"Another Fine Navy Day" "Nuke It Out" "Big Chicken Dinner" "Cinderella Liberty" "Blue Water"
"Damn the Torpedoes" "The Pointy End of the Spear" "Controlled Flight Into Terrain"

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