Cameron Pitts
Cameron Pitts
Key information
Status Alive
Profession Naval Officer
Sonar Operator
Allegiance USS Colorado
Relationships Marcus Chaplin - Commanding Officer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Michael Ng
Season 1
First episode "Captain"
Last episode "Controlled Flight Into Terrain"
Appearances 10 episodes (see below)
Cameron Pitts is a Naval Officer. He is a sonar operator aboard the USS Colorado.


Captain Marcus Chaplin and the crew of the USS Colorado find themselves declared enemies of the United States and on the run when they ask for confirmation of an order to fire nuclear weapons on Pakistan that comes from an unusual channel. Pitts warns Captain Chaplin when missiles are launched against the Colorado, giving them precious seconds to dive. They take refuge on the island Sainte Marina to regroup. Pitts picks up fire on Pakistan from another vessel; the USA fired two nuclear warheads at the country.

Naval Command launches a flight of bombers to attack the Colorado. Chaplin threatens to fire a nuclear warhead on the US if the bombers do not turn back. Pitt monitors the bombers as they continue beyond the threshold Chaplin set. Chaplin backs up his threat, firing the missile. The bombers turn back but Chaplin refuses to disarm the warhead. Sam is aghast until Pitts reports that the missile detonated 200 miles east of Washington.

Pitts helps Chaplin records a video message declaring the island his territory and threatening to attack anyone who violates a 200 mile perimeter around it.[1]




Behind the scenesEdit

Cameron Pitts is a recurring character in the first season. He is played by Michael Ng and debuts in the series pilot "Captain".


Season One Appearances
"Captain" "Blue on Blue" "Eight Bells" "Voluntold" "Skeleton Crew"
"Another Fine Navy Day" "Nuke It Out" "Big Chicken Dinner" "Cinderella Liberty" "Blue Water"
"Damn the Torpedoes" "The Pointy End of the Spear" "Controlled Flight Into Terrain"


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